Take a minute and just listen koz I’m throwing out a line. You’ll have fish hooks in the corner of your mouth with every rhyme. You got a mansion? Got some dollars but you’re wasting all your time koz the walls are painted red with all the colours of my mind. I drank the wine it stained my lips like god just threw up in face so now I’m walking up the stairs reciting lines for heavens sake. Making every mistake like theirs a time and a place. But here and now is where I live so guess the next ones on this page. Call your friends and throw a raver like A fist against a door. And when it’s 5am we’ll do a line and get up off that floor. I got a million things to say but when I try to try my words get lost. I’m like the music on your playlist every time the music stops.


Im drinking rum and yes I’m throwing out another one of my lost world inspired crusade speeches. Nine and a half years in and I’ve changed pace so many times I’m like a 16 year old kid driving south down a cop littered highway on his way to a Twenty One Pilots concert in an underground club renowned for hosting new world bands for the converted. Listening to Halsey like I’m Romeo and she’s a Capulet. Different houses fighting over who knows love best. I’m not buying diamonds but I’m throwing pearls out to the crowd on my way to an empty church. Contemplating the future while I give the people at work my invaluable wisdom. I’ve been there. 7000mg apparently isn’t enough for a man his size. So he ‘gets’ another chance. But if I wait over 2000 years just to get here and find out it’s already over than another 10000 should do the trick. I mean, surely we should chase the kind of view you only get if you’re a top gun jet pilot flying over head.
Chapter two was more than interesting. It opened up the sky and left every single preacher of every different faith god smacked at how it actually works. I was faded and chasing dragons but it led me here. Standing in front of the fire with my hands up. Not to give up position but to warm the cold chill of knowing there’s too many that will never know the truth of it all and too much to say. Infinite dimensions chasing each other down a string we call a line. While time laughs and changes the past like you were never even there. But I know perception creates the truth pinned to the fabric of space and outside of that ‘certainty’ lies everything else. So for me, the void is opportunity and I stand in the stead of gods you wish didn’t exist.
I don’t go to church so I don’t mean to go too in depth. The truth is I’d rather watch Rick N Morty and smile at the details no one in the old world understands. RNM is boss. Always. Those desperate moments where we give away more than we should really intend. But it’s better to be clever with your words and have no one understand than to stand on a street corner and preach. Or so Tyler would say. If he really thought about it. So put on a balaclava and jump on YouTube so you can start throwing out your extreme views about every god damn thing this universe shouldn’t be while girls with blonde hair stare about 7 rows down the stadium stairs wondering how many times per minute I’m thinking about her. Before I avoid the green and gold zinc and go get four more beers to drink before I throw up on the street outside wishing I’d talked to you. Knowing how straight up strange that would be. You, dressed all in white with glitter all over you from the night before. Me, a shadow of my former self. Yet closer to the universe than your favourite Astro physicist.

Little drops of blood still form and run down my face from the corner of my mouth as I speak. Like a waterfall laced red chasing my white shirt. As if the contrasting colours make for a rare story of a soldier spitting fire into the flames and coming out second best.

My inprint on the universe is what I care about. That’s why I write like I do. I want to expand what we know. I want to write down my thoughts and throw them at a wall.

I want them to last because there are 

Locked in a room I got some time to kill I know it’s real. Voices in my head I’m bouncing backwards like that dream you killed. I had real dreams man. Taken from reality. Tempting me to write these words and deal with what’s inside of me. Damn straight I’m making plans. Got to find the other side. Send me back my people and I’ll climb back through and turn the tide. That’s real shit. Taken from the battle that’s inside of me. If it’s not my fault I shouldn’t suffer from your time in me. Call it cheap I’ll call it what the fuck I think it’s gonna be. So talk to me. I’ll tell everything that is inside of me. That dark black, trust. The kind you wish you never see. Taken from the mean streets. To fight for every century. We’re knees deep. Coming out from darkness like it isn’t there. Reaching for your bible like a preacher who just doesn’t care. Make you stare. Longs shots coming from the back of me. Even if you catch me imma be there til you fucking see. I’m ten years deep and all I know is imma make it. Got a backpack full of fireworks and Imma strip you naked god forsaken got to find the strength to walk out of the darkness. When I talk to god he tells me not to prey on easy targets so I walk away. Find another way to say I hate it. All I want is something better for my future so I made it. As I lay it on a track so every time you fuckers play it you get shivers down your spine like I just made you hit the pavement.

NWK. Thats new world kid they got that new world order so i step up on this bitch. Do a backflip, tripping spitting fucking fire from the flames. When I rip it you’re gonna feel it like a fucking hurricane. I make it rain like the perfect storm a letter in the mail. When you read it can’t believe the things I’m saying fairy tails add some color and some dope beats ill tear apart your broken heart I need to make a statement so i climb up high and fall down fast. A comet on my way to earth so when I push the button it’s like fireworks above your head you know the end is coming. I’m a lover not a fighter but my hands are broken knuckles koz I hit the truth so hard it’s like I’m hitting on your cousin or your best friend asking what I see inside your eyes but when you whisper in my ear it’s like your clothes are no disguise so take your time I got a billion years to try and turn the tide because this life is just the first so I will try to take my time. ill send shivers down your spine i went to church i drank the wine and then he whispered in my ear he said write down my favourite line about forever so eventually it starts to resinate how all your hate turns into killers in my head so let us pray

I can build Utopia. 

Based on scientific principals of objective understanding I could take the world and cause a centralist movement. 

You look at your government and you see everybody choosing to be left or right. But everyone is ignoring the dead centre. 

Objective truth is everything.

You can build a world off that where EVERYONE is happy.

So why don’t we?

We live in a society and world that relies/preys on the formulation of wealth and power which creates control. To allow a controlling excessive force to manipulate the landscape. 

To design the future.

The world doesn’t have to be such a fucked up place. We can build it.

Just put the right people in charge.

I see you in every attempt at contact from the outside world. I trust no one. Waiting constantly for you to reach out so I can turn my back on it. That’s strange I know. But so is my life. I’m writing letters to people with no name and no face while pretty girls analyse the fact that I was so fucking nice when we were sipping water at the fountain. The youth of today should be concerned. I’m the first of many making short work of hell systems. Turning blank faces to sheep with grins so wide they have fishhooks in their upper lip. As I take on the universe and every single thing in it.