Two days ago I was a ghost. I slept with three girls that knew my name like legend. They talked to me as if I already knew. And told me to join them in a far away place. I told them I needed to find my cellar door. The most beautiful words yet to set in stone. Marked in the digital world for everyone to see. Filed on interstellar hard drives that keep my mind in check. Throwing images of bloody warriors and falling off cliffs. This isn’t anything you are supposed to understand. This is mind to keep. As I double check the spelling of every word I write. I like to think that everything I’ve learnt that I cannot tell you is the reason I might become something in the next. Like I have stories to tell. And no one holds me down or chokes me in my sleep. It’s the opposite. They tell me my energy is everywhere and I have a part to play. Past, present and future. When people think of destiny it’s usually laced in good fortune and prosperous knowing. But the truth is that we all just keep pace with whatever this world throws at us. And it’s hard. Making it work because we are creative and resilient creatures. There is nothing we aren’t capable of and there is nothing we cannot do. Revolution only dies when the last revolutionary submits to the tower. Fuck that. And fuck what it means to be among them in time. As the world tears itself apart. Inch by inch. Minute by minute. It’s in every play of the game. Every break in the play. Every throw, every line, every spirit in the fight. Every ounce of dust you manage to grasp from the dirt to throw in the eyes of the Goliath. My story exists in three different forms and I fight enemies I cannot see. I write words down so I can find myself among each phrase that tempts the end like a trigger yet to be pulled while the gun is firmly to the head. No famous last words. No devine intervention. Although the latter does exist for other people and it makes me wonder what the hack is really trying to stamp out. The inclusion of the others. Our gods in the wings. Fucking remember all the things I have said in the order I have said them because one day long in the future you will realise there is sense here that no one ever realised might actually exist. My words are carefully chosen and delivered in time. They are not great but they will suffice. Making way for the resistance and the final battle left to play out. We cannot let revolution die.


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