So I’m picking up the pen again. For one more round from the trenches. I wonder a lot. And it’s mostly whether deduction has its place. Within a cavalcade of correlation. 

And places we’d never choose to go.

So here’s a bunch of guesses as we enter nine years from ground zero. Only 16 days to go. Like sixteen candles in a church. With all but one lit. Waiting for the next prayer.

Someone speak. Someone save us.

I imagine it goes something like that.

The innocent know only one life. As if a verse from Tyler can undo that fact. But add him to the list just to see how amazing the world can be if you’re in the right hands. Or have the right hands. Or say the right line. 

Or run. 

Depends where you live I guess. But while I’m guessing, I’d say sideways is backwards but backwards isn’t sideways. Maybe one and then the other. Maybe more than nine lives.

Who knows? Someone surely.

It’s scary stuff. The distance between quantum mechanics and that extremely special relativity. Relative to me anyway. Relatively speaking.

But that’s the thing about consciousness. It doesn’t ever want to stop. Not ever.

It just needs to be fed a few lines about some idealistic future and it’ll go on hoping it never meets its counterparts.

On the red carpet. 

Or in the red brick apartment.

I know only me and all that I have lived. Wondering what there is to remember. So remember this.

One day you will go back. 

And while you won’t remember this. 

They will.


I think I know what’s going to happen. There’s no way to avoid it. I know it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. But I’ve only ever lived this life. And I’ve never done anything bad or hurt anyone. I didn’t have anything to do with whatever the fuck caused this to happen. So I’ll never understand why I have to live all of it. And everything that’s going to happen. Even if I got sent into another head with other memories. I would still be innocent.